P00C6 Ford: Exploring Common Issues and Effective Solutions

If you are dealing with a cranking but not starting issue in your 2013 Ford Focus 2.0, it could be related to a specific problem that the speaker in the video encountered. The speaker was working on the head gasket and timing of the car, but faced a unique challenge that caused the car to crank but not start.

The issue turned out to be related to a fuel code, specifically the P00C6, which indicates a high-pressure fuel problem. The speaker missed a crucial detail related to the crank sensor, which led to the cranking but not starting problem.

The speaker highlighted the importance of ensuring that the crank point is correctly set up, as it directly impacts the car’s ability to start. The crank sensor’s alignment with the harmonic balancer is crucial for the car to start effectively.

If you encounter the P00C6 code and have already checked and ensured the proper functioning of the high-pressure fuel pump, fuel lines, and fuel injectors, it’s essential to inspect the crank sensor and harmonic balancer for proper alignment.

Remember to double-check these elements if you are facing a similar cranking but not starting issue in your 2013 Ford Focus 2.0.

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What was the issue with the Ford Focus 2.0 during the hey gasket timing?

The issue was with the crank sensor being tied up incorrectly. The timing was fine, but the crank sensor was not set up correctly, causing the car to crank but not start.

What does the P00C6 code indicate?

The P00C6 code indicates a high pressure fuel problem. If the fuel pump and fuel line are okay, the issue may be related to the crank sensor or harmonic balancer.

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