Diagnosing and Fixing p0172 Code in Ford F150: Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Today we’re tackling the check engine light issue on my 2000 F-150. It’s been idling roughly and showing the check engine light, indicating system too rich on both bank one and bank two. So, let’s dive into the steps I took to resolve this problem.

Cleaning the Air Filter and Mass Airflow Sensor

I suspected that the issue might be related to the air filter, so I decided to swap out my aftermarket air filter for a new stock one. Additionally, I purchased mass airflow cleaner and used it to clean the sensor. This step is crucial, especially if you suspect that the engine has been running through gasoline excessively.

The specific error codes I encountered were P0175 and P0172, indicating a rich condition on both sides. If you’re facing similar issues, it’s worth considering these steps.

Changing the Belt and Other Observations

While working on the truck, I also noticed screeching sounds when accelerating and identified some issues with the idler pulley. It’s important to address any unusual noises or pulley concerns, as they can contribute to performance issues.

Performing Maintenance

It’s always advisable to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle. In this case, cleaning the air filter and mass airflow sensor, as well as addressing any belt or pulley issues, can make a significant difference in the vehicle’s performance.


After making these changes and performing the necessary maintenance, I cleared the error codes and took the truck for a test drive. It seems that the check engine light issue has been resolved for now.

Remember, if you’re experiencing similar problems, consider starting with these maintenance steps. It’s essential to keep your vehicle in good condition to avoid potential issues down the road.

I hope this walkthrough proves helpful for anyone dealing with a check engine light on their F-150 or similar vehicle. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content like this and good luck with your vehicle maintenance!

What is causing the check engine light on the 2000 F-150?

The codes p0175 and p0172 indicate that the system is too rich on both sides, Bank one and Bank two. The speaker suspects that it may be due to a dirty air filter and a malfunctioning mass airflow sensor. The speaker suggests replacing the air filter with a new one and cleaning the mass airflow sensor using mass airflow cleaner. Additionally, the speaker mentions signs of belt wear and a rough idler pulley, and the need for further diagnosis regarding potential issues with fuel injectors.

How to address the screeching sound when accelerating?

The speaker recommends investigating the idler pulley, which may need to be replaced due to rough sounds. Additionally, the speaker mentions the use of cheap parts from junkyards for easier maintenance, especially with older vehicles.

Has the issue with the check engine light been resolved?

The speaker suggests that changing the air filter and cleaning the mass airflow sensor seemed to have resolved the check engine light issue. However, a more thorough diagnosis may be needed, and the speaker advises tackling the air filter and mass airflow sensor issues first if experiencing similar problems.

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