P0303 Ford F150: Understanding and Troubleshooting Your Truck’s Engine Misfire

Today’s video is a bit different. I encountered a misfire on my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat, which has 165,000 miles on it. The misfire occurred after running the fuel level really low, causing a rough idle and shaking the truck. After refueling with premium gas, the rough idle improved but did not completely disappear, and it threw an error code: P0303, indicating a misfire on cylinder three.

When diagnosing the issue, I encountered numerous extreme suggestions on the internet, so I decided to start at the basic level. I began by checking the spark plug, as it seemed like the most likely culprit. Pulling out the plug, I discovered it looked better than expected, which led me to troubleshoot further.

I then demonstrated how to troubleshoot the issue and discussed the intricacies of removing the plugs from the coil packs. I explained a method to test whether the misfire was caused by a faulty coil pack or a bad spark plug by switching the plugs between cylinder two and three. By doing this, I confirmed that the issue was with the spark plug on cylinder three.

After sharing my troubleshooting process, I moved on to discuss the connectors and demonstrated how to effectively disconnect them using a small pen screwdriver and a larger screwdriver for leverage. Additionally, I listed the tools required for the job, including a 5/8 spark plug socket, assorted extensions, a 1/4 inch drive socket, and an 8mm socket for the coil pack screws.

In conclusion, I detailed the steps required to replace the spark plugs, hoping that my experience would help others navigate similar issues without getting overwhelmed by extreme suggestions found online. With that, I concluded my video and thanked my viewers for tuning in.

What caused the misfire in the 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat?

The misfire in the 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat was caused by running the vehicle at a very low fuel level, which led to a rough idle and shaking. After refueling with premium fuel, the rough idle improved but did not completely go away.

How was the misfire troubleshot?

The misfire was troubleshot by checking the error code (P0303) using an OBD2 scanner, then inspecting the spark plug. The troubleshooting involved testing the coil pack and plugs by switching them between cylinder three and cylinder two to determine if the misfire was due to a faulty plug or coil pack.

What tools were used for the spark plug replacement?

The tools used for the spark plug replacement included a 5/8 spark plug socket, an assortment of extensions, a quarter-inch drive socket for the coil pack screw, a 8mm socket for the coil pack screw, a small screwdriver, and a large screwdriver for removing the connector tab.

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