P0336 Chevrolet Silverado: Understanding and Troubleshooting the Crankshaft Position Sensor Issue

Welcome to today’s guide on troubleshooting a 5.7 engine displaying the P0336 and P0339 codes, causing an intermittent crank no start issue. We will go through the diagnostic process before considering part replacement.

The crank position sensor on the 5.7 engine is located near the harmonic balancer in the front, connected to a plug. Begin by checking the engine codes to verify the reported issues.

Using a power probe, ensure the ignition is on and check for 12 volts on the pink wire and ground on the black wire. Additionally, identify the crankshaft signal wire leading back to the PCM using the power probe. Use a multimeter to further verify the voltage readings to eliminate any potential ground or wiring issues.

When removing the crank position sensor, inspect the reluctor ring for any damage. A new crank position sensor will come with washers and it is crucial to maintain a minimum gap for proper functionality. Over time, the sensor may be physically fine, but the gap could be compromised due to engine heat, leading to starting issues.

After ensuring the sensor is correctly installed with the appropriate gap, attempt to start the engine to observe any changes in the crank no start behavior.

By following these steps, you can effectively troubleshoot and address the crank no start issue on a 5.7 engine, potentially saving time and costs by accurately diagnosing the problem before considering parts replacement.

What are the engine codes showing?

The engine codes are showing P0336 and P0339.

Where is the crank position sensor located in the 5.7 engine?

The crank position sensor is located by the harmonic balancer in the front of the 5.7 engine, connected to a plug.

How can I test the crank position sensor?

To test the crank position sensor, you can use a power probe to check the voltage of the pink and yellow wires, as well as verify the ground using a multimeter.

What should be checked when the crank position sensor is removed?

When the crank position sensor is removed, you should check the reluctor ring inside for any damage, as well as ensuring the new sensor comes with two washers to maintain a minimum gap.

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