P0403 Ford: Understanding and Resolving this Common Error Code to Save on Car Expenses

If you’re a Ford driver and your vehicle is displaying a PO403 error code, this guide is for you. In this video, we’ll walk you through two practical solutions to fix the error code at home.

Understanding the PO403 Error Code

Before we dive into the solutions, it’s important to understand what the PO403 error code indicates. When you use a zeus app to scan your vehicle and see the error code PO403, it means that the engine control module has detected a malfunction in the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) circuit.

Solution 1: EGR Valve Cleaning or Replacement

The first method involves addressing the EGR valve located towards the rear of the engine, just to the right side of the center. Carefully remove the EGR valve and clean it using a WD-40 cleaner. Let it soak for five hours to eliminate any carbon buildups. Once dry, re-install the EGR valve. If the valve is too dirty to be cleaned, consider replacing it with a new one.

Solution 2: Intake Manifold Cleaning

The second method focuses on the intake manifold which sits on top of the engine and plays a crucial role in the combustion process. Remove the intake manifold and clean the inside using WD-40 cleaner to get rid of any carbon buildup. Once cleaned and dried, reinstall the intake manifold.

Final Steps

After performing the necessary repairs, use the zeus app to clear the error code and rescan your vehicle to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

Save on Car Expenses

If you want to save more on car expenses, you can claim a free engine code scanner from the link in the description. Additionally, you can check out our video for more information. Feel free to leave a comment, and our mechanic professionals will respond shortly.

Thank you for watching this video, and remember to take care of your Ford vehicle to keep it running smoothly!

What does the PO403 error code indicate in a Ford vehicle?

The PO403 error code indicates that the engine control module has detected a malfunction in the EGR circuit.

What are the practical solutions to fix Ford’s PO403 error code?

1. Method A – EGR Valve: Remove the EGR valve, clean it with a WD-40 cleaner, and reinstall it. If it’s too dirty, consider replacing it with a new EGR valve. 2. Method B – Intake Manifold: Remove the intake manifold, clean it with WD-40 cleaner, and reinstall it.

How can I clear the error code after the repair?

Use the Zeus app to scan your vehicle and clear the error code. After the repair, tap the rescan button in the app to ensure everything is fine with your vehicle.

Where can I get a free engine code scanner?

To save money on car expenses, claim a free engine code scanner at the description link provided in the video or check the provided video for more information.

Can I get assistance from mechanic professionals regarding this issue?

Yes, you can leave comments below the video, and mechanic professionals will answer them shortly.

How can I show appreciation for the video?

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