P0456 Ford Fusion: Comprehensive Guide on Evap System Diagnosis and Repair

Ford Fusion Evap System Diagnosis and Repair

Welcome back to the Self-Made Auto Channel! Today, we’re working on a 2012 Ford Fusion SE with a 2.5L engine. The customer complaint is about the check engine light being on, but the car runs fine. We’ll be using the Bosch ATS 625 scan tool to diagnose the issue.

While I work on the car, my assistant Josh is helping out. We had a little trouble with the lift, so we’ve been working with just one and a half lifts lately. But let’s focus on the car now. The initial trouble code we pulled was P0456 which indicates a small EVAP system leak.

We started by checking the fuel tank pressure sensor, which should read around 2.5 volts at atmospheric pressure. After confirming the sensor’s functionality, we proceeded to test the purge valve and vent solenoid using bi-directional controls on the scan tool. Everything seemed to be working properly, so we moved on to performing a smoke test on the EVAP system.

Using a smoke machine, we detected smoke coming from the fuel filler neck area. This led us to suspect a problem with the capless fuel system, a known issue in this model. The capless fuel system can get clogged with debris, causing leaks. We observed the smoke coming out and decided that the filler neck needed to be replaced to permanently fix the issue.

In cases like this, a temporary fix can involve using lubricants or cleaners to restore the capless fuel system. However, as a long-term solution, we recommend replacing the filler neck to prevent recurring EVAP system issues.

After diagnosing the problem, we always provide our customers with the best repair options. In this case, we will recommend replacing the filler neck to ensure a lasting solution. We believe in delivering quality service that keeps our customers satisfied in the long run.

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What car model is being worked on in the video?

The car being worked on in the video is a 2012 Ford Fusion SC with a 2.5 engine.

What is the problem being investigated?

The investigation is focused on diagnosing the reason behind the illuminated check engine light in the car, which is indicating a P0456 code, indicating a small evaporative emission leak.

What steps are being taken to diagnose the issue?

The video shows the usage of a scan tool to check fuel tank pressure data, perform bi-directional controls, and use a smoke machine to test for leaks in the evaporative emission system.

What is the suspected cause of the issue?

The suspected cause of the issue is the capless fuel system, which is prone to failure and leakage over time.

What is the proposed solution to fix the problem?

The proposed solution to fix the problem is to replace the filler neck, which is estimated to provide another 7 years of functionality to the car.

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