P0606 Toyota Rav4: Comprehensive Guide on Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

In this video, we are dealing with a 2006 Toyota RAV4 that has a 2.4 liter 2az FE engine, a four-cylinder engine. The car is showing the check engine light, as well as the vehicle stability control and traction control lights with the engine running.

It is noted that the stability control and traction control lights often accompany the check engine light in many other Toyotas, so it’s initially not a cause for concern.

The error codes retrieved from the car are a p0138, which indicates a standard O2 sensor code for the rear or downstream O2 sensor, and a p0606, which, according to the factory service manual, suggests the need to replace the ECM without providing further diagnostic steps.

As a first step, the rear O2 sensor will be replaced, as it is a relatively inexpensive component that often addresses the p0138 code. After clearing the codes and restarting the engine, the repair’s effectiveness will be assessed and updated accordingly.

To expedite the verification of the repair, the ECU will be put in check mode, which immediately sets DTC to indicate any issues. Upon restarting the engine, the flashing check engine light in check mode is observed, followed by a subsequent normalization of the flashing light.

Operating in check mode reveals no check engine light or other indications of a malfunction with the rear O2 sensor, instilling confidence in the effectiveness of the repair.

After taking the car for a drive in check mode and monitoring the downstream O2 sensor voltage, the observations indicate normal functionality, affirming the potential resolution of the issue.

A real-time chart of the rear O2 sensor voltage further supports the assessment of the sensor’s improved performance.

Ultimately, the repair seems to have addressed the check engine light issue, providing a positive outcome for the diagnosis and resolution process.

Hopefully, this demonstration of diagnosing and resolving the check engine light on a 2006 Toyota RAV4 has been informative and beneficial.

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