P069E Chevrolet: Comprehensive Analysis and Solution for Fuel Pump Control Module Requested Malfunction

Have you ever experienced the frustration of a vehicle that cranks but won’t start? In a recent video, a mechanic demonstrated how he tackled this issue and discovered a surprising cause behind the problem.

The video showcases the mechanic’s step-by-step approach to troubleshooting the non-starting vehicle. He explains that while the vehicle would start if brake clean or carburetor cleaner was sprayed inside the intake manifold, it wouldn’t start when the key was turned.

Upon further investigation, the mechanic identified the fuel pump and the fuel pump control module as potential culprits. He emphasized the importance of conducting a thorough inspection to check for any damaged wiring or rubbing points around the harness.

After tracing the wiring harness all the way to the fuel pump, the mechanic made a crucial discovery. The vehicle’s fuel pump command was intermittently shutting off and on, impacting its ability to function properly. The cause? A wire that was rubbing against the drive shaft, leading to repeated short circuits.

To address the issue, the mechanic decided to repair the damaged wires. He opted to use liquid tape and provide additional insulation, ensuring a reliable fix. Following the repair, he took the vehicle for a test drive, monitoring the fuel pump module data stream with a scan tool to confirm that the problem had been resolved.

Reflecting on the troubleshooting process, the mechanic emphasized the importance of perseverance and diligence in resolving complex automotive issues. He underscored the satisfaction of successfully uncovering and addressing the root cause of the problem, ultimately enabling the vehicle to function as intended.

In conclusion, the video offered valuable insights into diagnosing and repairing a challenging vehicle starting issue. By documenting the mechanic’s systematic approach and problem-solving mindset, it serves as a helpful resource for others facing similar automotive dilemmas.

If you’re dealing with a vehicle that exhibits similar symptoms, consider conducting a comprehensive inspection to uncover any potential wiring or module-related issues. By following a methodical troubleshooting process, you may uncover unexpected causes and ultimately restore your vehicle’s functionality.

What could be the issue if a vehicle cranks but does not start?

If a vehicle cranks but does not start, it could be due to a problem with the fuel pump and the fuel pump control module. In this case, it was found that a wire rubbing against the drive shaft was causing the fuel pump command to shut off and on, resulting in the vehicle not starting. Upon identifying the issue, the wires were repaired to resolve the problem.

What was the solution to the vehicle not starting issue?

The solution to the vehicle not starting issue was to trace the wiring harness and identify the wire that was rubbing against the drive shaft, causing the fuel pump command to shut off and on. The identified wire was repaired by applying liquid tape and ensuring it was securely positioned to prevent any future rubbing against the drive shaft.

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