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Today, we’re going to be covering the process of replacing the water pump in an Acura vehicle. This is a fairly straightforward task and does not require any specialized tools, just some pliers, 10mm and possibly 12mm sockets, a Phillips screwdriver, and a flat head screwdriver.

To access the water pump, you’ll need to remove the bumper partially, disconnect the headlights, and unbolt the old water pump. The video demonstrates the step-by-step process and provides essential tips for each stage of the replacement. The water pump replacement on this Acura vehicle involves minimal complications and can be completed with ease.

Once the old water pump is removed, the video goes on to show the installation of the new water pump, including securely reconnecting the hoses and placing the car in maintenance mode to ensure the proper functioning of the new water pump.

Following the detailed tutorial in the video, you can replace your Acura’s water pump without any hassle. The demonstration is comprehensive, covering all the necessary steps, including precautions to be taken and equivalent strategies in case a part is missing or altered.

The video also emphasizes the importance of being cautious throughout the process and checking for any leaks or issues after the replacement is complete.


As shown in the video, the water pump replacement for an Acura is a manageable task that can be accomplished without professional help. The guide provided in the video is clear and concise, making it a valuable resource for Acura owners who want to perform this maintenance task on their own.

What tools are needed to replace a water pump?

You will need pliers, 10mm and Phillips screwdrivers, and possibly a flat head screwdriver for bumper removal.

Where is the water pump located?

The water pump is located on the driver’s side, right underneath the vehicle.

What are the steps to replace the water pump?

1. Remove bumper partially to access the pump area. 2. Remove bolts and fasteners to detach headlight. 3. Disconnect and remove old water pump using 10mm bolts. 4. Transfer hoses to the new water pump. 5. Reinstall the headlight and bumper.

What’s the process after installing the water pump?

After installation, put the car in maintenance mode and ensure the radiator is topped off. Bleed the system and monitor the temperature to verify proper functioning.

How to put the car in maintenance mode?

1. Press the power button twice without holding the brake until it turns orange. 2. Press the gas pedal twice, then brake, put the car in neutral, and pump the gas pedal twice again. 3. Brake, put the car in park, pump the gas pedal twice again, then listen for a beep. 4. Press the brake again and press the power button.

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