P1217 Nissan Murano: Investigating the Issue, Leaks Check, Coolant Refill and System Flush

Have you ever experienced driving home and finding your car smoking? In this blog post, I’ll share my recent experience with a leaking car coolant hose and how I dealt with it.

As I arrived home from a 30-minute highway drive, I noticed smoke coming from my car’s engine. Upon inspection, I discovered that my car’s coolant was leaking. Initially, I couldn’t determine the exact source of the leak, but I suspected it was from one of the hoses.

Investigating the Issue

The next day, I began investigating the coolant hoses. I removed the air inlet duct and found that one of the hoses had come loose, causing the leak. After reattaching and clamping the hose, I cleaned up the coolant spillage to prevent leftover smoke.

Checking for the Leak

After these repairs, I started the car to check for any remaining leaks. Unfortunately, I made the critical mistake of forgetting to check the coolant level in the radiator, only realizing it after observing the high engine temperature.

Refilling the Coolant

Upon realizing the low coolant level, I filled the radiator with a mixture of coolant concentrate and distilled water. I emphasized the use of distilled water for its purity and the importance of using the correct coolant type for the car model.

Flushing the Coolant System

During the refill, I noticed dirty particles coming up, indicating the need for a full coolant system flush. I planned a future video to demonstrate the deep cleaning and flushing process using a flush kit and cleaner to maintain the coolant system’s health.

Lessons Learned

Through this experience, I learned several valuable lessons. Firstly, it’s crucial to regularly inspect and maintain coolant hoses and ensure they are correctly clamped. Secondly, always check the radiator coolant level in addition to the reservoir. Finally, it’s essential to recognize signs that indicate the need for a coolant system flush, such as discolored particles in the coolant.

As a car owner, staying vigilant and proactive in maintaining the coolant system is key to preventing potential issues and ensuring the car’s longevity.

What happened to my car after 30 minutes of driving?

The car started smoking and leaking coolant. The engine temperature may have gone high without noticing.

What was the solution to the coolant leak?

The coolant hoses needed to be re-clamped correctly and the coolant splash around the engine was cleaned up to verify the fix.

What type of coolant was used to refill the radiator?

A mixture of Preston 50 concentrate and distilled water was used to refill the radiator.

What should be considered when adding coolant to the car?

Ensure proper coolant level in both the radiator and the reservoir, periodically check the coolant hoses, and consider performing a deep cleaning and flush for the coolant system.

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