P1362 Code Honda Civic: Diagnosis and Trouble-shooting Guide

Is your Honda Civic showing a P1362 code and experiencing power loss? When you rev it, do you hear restriction and the code is for the cam sensor? If so, you’re not alone. Let’s dive into how to address this issue.

When faced with the P1362 code and power loss, some initial troubleshooting included unplugging the cam sensor, only to find that it made no difference. So, the next step was to conduct some diagnostics to identify the root cause of the problem.

Upon conducting further diagnostics, it was observed that the scope reading indicated a correct repair. However, the cam sensor itself looked to be the culprit. The video shows the before and after scope readings, clearly indicating the faulty sensor as the issue.

The fix for the problem was found to be the replacement of the aftermarket cam sensor with an OE Honda sensor. The OE (original equipment) Honda sensor resolved the issue, highlighting the importance of using electronic parts specifically designed for Honda vehicles.

What does the P1362 code on a Honda Civic indicate?

The P1362 code on a Honda Civic indicates a problem related to the cam sensor, leading to power loss and engine restriction.

How was the issue diagnosed and fixed?

The cam sensor was unplugged to test its impact on the engine, and when it made no difference, further diagnostics were performed. It was discovered that the aftermarket cam sensor was the problem, and replacing it with an OE Honda cam sensor resolved the issue.

What part fixed the problem?

The aftermarket cam sensor was replaced with an OE Honda cam sensor, which fixed the power loss and engine restriction issues. Using OE electronic parts for Hondas is recommended for such repairs.

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