P1450 Ford Focus: Detailed Guide to Testing the Purge Solenoid & Fixing the Issue

Today, we’re addressing common problems in the 2013 Ford Focus with the 2.0-liter engine under the hood. Specifically, we’ll be dealing with the p1450 and p0316 trouble codes. The p1450 code indicates an inability to bleed up fuel tank vacuum, while the p0316 code points to a misfire detected on startup. These issues are often caused by a faulty purge solenoid in this vehicle.

The purge solenoid can stick open, preventing the EVAP system from bleeding up vacuum during a test. However, the good news is that testing for this common problem is relatively straightforward.

Testing the Purge Solenoid

The first step is to unplug the electrical connector of the purge solenoid to prevent it from activating during the test. Then, locate the hose connected to the canister and disconnect it. This may require some maneuvering of the locking tab and push tab to release the clips inside the hose. Once the hose is removed, start the vehicle and let it idle.

With the engine running and the connector unplugged, there should be no vacuum felt on the hose. If vacuum is present, it indicates a leak in the purge solenoid, confirming that it is stuck open.

This issue can cause problems when refueling, leading to hard starts or stalling after filling up, as the stuck open solenoid forces fuel vapors into the intake manifold, resulting in a rich running condition.

Fixing the Issue

The solution to this problem is a quick replacement of the purge solenoid, and the vehicle will be back to normal functioning.

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