P1682 Chevrolet – Detailed Guide to Understanding and Resolving this Common Issue

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great day. Today I encountered a problem with the ignition switch circuit 2 in my GMC. I searched extensively on the internet but couldn’t find a quick solution. However, after some investigation, I identified the issue and decided to create this video to help others facing a similar problem.

The specific error code related to the ignition switch issue was persistent despite my attempts to clear it. Upon further examination, I discovered that the problem was not with a burnt-out fuse, but rather with the fuse box itself.

There was no dedicated fuse for the ignition coil 1 switch 2, causing confusion. After careful inspection, I found that the ECM throttle control 15 ampere fuse (number five) was the culprit behind the issue.

By slightly adjusting the ECM throttle control fuse, I attempted to clear the error code once more. This simple manipulation successfully eliminated the error code, indicating that the problem lay within the fuse box.

Subsequent tests, including starting the car and intentionally manipulating the fuse, demonstrated that the issue was indeed related to the fuse box’s connectivity rather than a faulty fuse.

Therefore, if you’re experiencing a similar problem with your GMC, I recommend checking the fuse box for connectivity issues, even if the fuses appear to be intact.

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What is the problem with the ignition switch circuit?

The problem with the ignition switch circuit is related to a specific fuse, even if it is not burned out, the issue lies within the fuse box. It can cause codes like ‘ignition switch 1 circuit 2’ and affect the starting of the car. By adjusting the fuse in the fuse box, the issue can be resolved.

How can I identify the fuse causing the issue?

The fuse causing the issue is named ‘ecm throttle count 15 ampere’ and is located as number five in the fuse box. Even if the fuse is not burned out, it is the source of the problem for the ignition switch circuit.

What are the symptoms of this issue?

The symptoms of this issue can include a persistent OBD code for ‘ignition switch 1 circuit 2’ and potential difficulties in starting the car. The lights related to this code may keep reappearing, indicating the presence of the issue.

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