Understanding P2106 Trouble Code: Fixing Your Ford F150

If you’re experiencing a code P2106 and P2135 throttle body code, along with hesitation and drop in RPMs when trying to accelerate in your 2005 Ford F-150, there might be a simple fix. Instead of suspecting the transmission, consider addressing the throttle body sensor.

The first step is to locate the auto body part with the sensor, likely causing the issue. You’ll need to remove the top piece of the auto body to access the sensor. Once the top piece is removed, you can replace the faulty sensor with a new one. This is a quick procedure and should take around 25 minutes to complete.

After removing the top piece, locate the breather hose and filter housing. The old sensor can be removed from the housing, and the new one can be installed. There are two connectors and four bolts to be mindful of during this process.

Once everything is put back together, start the car to see if the issue has been resolved. Take the car for a short drive to ensure that the warning lights related to the throttle body code are no longer illuminated. If the lights stay off, the replacement was successful.

In the case presented, following these steps successfully resolved the issue, saving the car owner from potentially costly repairs at a mechanic. The entire process was completed without any out-of-pocket expenses and within 30 minutes, even for a first-time replacement.

Overall, knowing how to address common issues like throttle body error codes can save car owners significant amounts of money and provide a sense of accomplishment. Feel free to tackle such challenges yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of resolving your own car problems.

What should I do if I’m getting a code p2106 and p2135 Throttle Body code with hesitation during acceleration in a 2005 Ford F-150?

If you’re experiencing these codes and hesitation during acceleration in a 2005 Ford F-150, it may be related to the sensor on the throttle body. You can fix this issue by replacing the sensor on the throttle body. Simply remove the top piece of the throttle body, replace the sensor with a new one, and reassemble. This simple maintenance can save you a significant amount of money compared to taking it to a mechanic.

How do I replace the sensor on the throttle body?

To replace the sensor on the throttle body, you need to: – Remove the top piece of the throttle body by unscrewing the four screws – Locate the sensor on the throttle body – Remove the old sensor – Attach the new sensor in place of the old one – Reassemble the throttle body by placing the top piece back and fastening it It usually takes about 25 minutes to change the sensor. After replacing the sensor, check if the issue is resolved by starting the vehicle and monitoring the lights and engine performance.

How do I know if the replacement of the throttle body sensor fixed the issue?

After replacing the sensor on the throttle body, start the vehicle and check if the repair light and check engine light are gone. Additionally, take the vehicle for a drive to ensure that the issue of hesitation and RPM drop during acceleration is resolved. If the lights are off and the vehicle performs well, then the replacement was successful in fixing the issue.

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