P2196 Ford: Understanding Error Code Implications and Resolving Issues

Welcome back to Bust of the Bill! Today, we’re working on a 2014 Ford Explorer 3.5-liter V6 with a customer complaint of a check engine light coming on. The vehicle doesn’t seem to be running weird, so our goal is to do a code scan and figure out the underlying issue.

We begin by using the Think Tool Pro to conduct a smart scan across all the modules to identify any potential problems. Upon scanning, we find the O2 sensor codes P2196 and P2198 related to stuck rich conditions in the O2 sensors.

We proceed to check the data stream of the oxygen sensors, fuel trims, and mass airflow to gauge the performance of the vehicle. Initially, the data appears within expected ranges, indicating no significant issues.

Next, we analyze the Freeze Frame data for the codes, which provides valuable insights into the conditions when the issues occurred. Based on the data, we suspect a leaking purge valve, possibly caused by fuel vapor entering the intake system after refueling.

To confirm our suspicion, we inspect the purge valve and find it to be leaking, substantiating our diagnosis. We decide to replace the valve with a standard CP758 model and demonstrate the process to ensure a successful fix.

After replacing the purge valve, we verify its functionality and proceed to clear the fault codes, confirming the resolution of the issue. We also highlight the importance of retaining and analyzing Freeze Frame data for effective diagnosis.

Finally, we emphasize the significance of avoiding code clearing without proper diagnosis, as it can hinder the identification of intermittent issues. The video ends with a reminder to leave a comment, like the video, or subscribe to the channel for the latest updates.

By thoroughly diagnosing and addressing the check engine light issue, we have successfully resolved the problem for the customer, ensuring their satisfaction and a smooth running vehicle.

Thank you for watching, and catch you on the next one!

What is the customer complaint about the 2014 Ford Explorer 3.5 liter V6?

The customer complaint is about a check engine light coming on, but the vehicle doesn’t seem to be running weird.

What diagnostic tool is used to scan the vehicle?

The Think Tool Pro is used to perform a smart scan on the vehicle and check all the modules.

What error codes are found during the scan?

The error codes found are p2196 and p2198, indicating O2 sensor buy A stuck Rich Bank One Sensor One and O2 sensor signal by A stuck Rich bank 2 Sensor One.

What diagnosis is made based on the data stream and sensor readings?

It is inferred that the leaking purge valve is causing a rich condition, possibly due to fuel vapor entering the intake after refueling.

What is the repair process for the leaking purge valve?

The leaking purge valve is diagnosed using a vacuum gauge and replaced with a new valve.

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