Understanding P2635 Chevrolet Code: Initial Challenges and Resolution Strategies

Hey everyone, it’s JB the ranch mechanic. Today I’m on my way to the dealership to drop off my Silverado. I’ve been struggling with a persistent P2635 code, and it’s time to get it figured out once and for all.

The dealership has had my truck for multiple visits, and after a series of diagnostics, they determined that the fuel pump needed to be replaced. This decision came after a week and a half of troubleshooting, and a hefty repair bill of around $1100 for parts and labor.

After getting the truck back, I’ve had the chance to drive it in various conditions, and I am happy to report that the check engine light hasn’t come back on. This solves a year-long issue and gives me peace of mind before an upcoming trip.

Initial Challenges with the P2635 Code

This whole ordeal started with the truck showing the P2635 code, signaling a potential issue with the fuel system. The dealership initially replaced the active grill shutter assembly, but the code reappeared soon after.

After several visits, they finally decided to address the fuel pump, which I had suspected from the beginning. The extended crank time and sluggishness on the highway pointed to a failing fuel pump, and it seems my instincts were correct.

Resolution and Future Plans

Having the fuel pump replaced alongside the active grill shutter assembly seems to have done the trick. The check engine light has stayed off, bringing me immense relief and allowing me to focus on future upgrades like getting the truck tuned.

Now that the immediate issue has been resolved, I’m looking forward to investing in a tune-up for the truck. This experience has reaffirmed the importance of paying attention to the vehicle’s symptoms and advocating for specific diagnostics, even in the face of technical flow charts and dealership protocols.

In conclusion, I’m grateful to have finally tackled the P2635 code and I’m eager to move forward with future improvements for my truck. I hope this update sheds light on similar issues some of you may be facing, and I look forward to connecting with you in the comments.

Thanks for following along with this journey, and I’ll catch you in the next update. Have a great weekend!

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