P26B7 Ford Escape: Step-by-Step Guide for Coolant Bypass Solenoid Replacement

How to Replace the Coolant Bypass Solenoid in your Ford Escape

Are you facing the Check Engine Light code p26 b7 on your Ford Escape? This could be due to a faulty coolant bypass solenoid. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of replacing the solenoid and clearing the code.

Locating and Replacing the Solenoid

The coolant bypass solenoid is located in the front under a cover. To reach it, you’ll need to disconnect the electrical connectors, remove the two eight millimeter bolts securing the solenoid, and be prepared for a small amount of coolant to leak out when the solenoid is detached. Use a drip pan to catch the coolant.

Tools Required

To tackle this job, you’ll need a replacement solenoid, hose clamp pliers, a large flat-head screwdriver, and an eight millimeter socket. Additionally, have extra coolant on hand to replenish any that drips out during the process. You’ll also need tools to jack up your car and remove the splash shield.

Step-by-Step Process

Once the old solenoid is detached, use the hose clamp pliers to loosen the hose and remove the old solenoid. Then, install the new solenoid and reattach the hose. Finally, reconnect the electrical lines, secure the bolts, and clear any leaked coolant.

Testing and Final Steps

After the replacement, run the engine to check for any leaks around the new solenoid. Once you’ve confirmed there are no leaks and the check engine light is off, you’ve successfully replaced the coolant bypass solenoid in your Ford Escape.

If you found this guide helpful, consider sharing it with fellow Ford Escape owners. You can find the necessary tools for this job on Amazon, including the hose clamp pliers mentioned in the video. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more How to Escape guides!

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