Solving the Tesla Arcade Pending Download Issue: A Comprehensive Guide

Hey everybody, third day here with the Tesla Model Y long range 2023. I’m glad you guys checked out my first video with the delivery experience and showed your support by liking that video.

Today, I want to address a software issue I’ve encountered with the latest software version 11.1. There seems to be a problem with downloading games as they remain in the “pending download” status despite being connected to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. I contacted Tesla support and they mentioned that it’s a known issue and that they will likely push a software update to address it. I’m curious to know if other Model Y or Model 3 owners are facing the same problem, so please let me know in the comments if you’ve experienced this issue and found a solution.

I’m eager to try out these games, but no matter what I do, they just won’t download. The pre-installed games work fine, but any additional downloads seem to be stuck. It’s been frustrating, but I’m hopeful that Tesla will resolve this soon so I can enjoy the full functionality of the system. Hopefully, my kids will love it too.

Update: It seems that the issue has been resolved. After the Tesla representative submitted my VIN to their team, the games started to download when the car was connected to a hotspot. Now all the games are installed and working perfectly. If anyone else encounters similar problems, I suggest reaching out to Tesla support as they can fix it over the air without the need for a service visit.

Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome, and I’m looking forward to exploring all the features. If you found this video helpful, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more content. Take care!

Are you experiencing issues downloading games on the Tesla Model Y?

Yes, I am on the latest software version 11.1 and experiencing issues with pending downloads of games. I have tried connecting to Wi-Fi and hotspots but nothing downloads. Tesla mentioned they are aware of the issue and will likely push a software update. If you are also facing this issue, please let me know if you have found a solution.

Are the games now downloading and installing correctly?

Yes, after Tesla submitted my VIN to the team, the games started downloading over the air. I connected the car to a hotspot and noticed the games began to download and install correctly. If you are experiencing similar issues, it’s recommended to contact Tesla for an over-the-air fix.

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