Tesla Boombox Sounds Download: A Step-by-Step Guide to Copying, Partitioning, Converting, and Testing Sounds

Tesla has recently updated its entire UI, including the addition of a new feature called “Boombox.” This feature allows users to play fun sounds outside of the car using the pedestrian speaker. While many have showcased the pre-loaded fun sounds, not many have talked about the ability to add custom sounds. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to add custom sounds to your Tesla’s Boombox feature using your existing Sentry drive.

Step 1: Copying Files from Sentry Mode Drive

To add custom sounds to your Tesla’s Boombox, you will need to use your Sentry mode drive. Connect the drive to your computer and copy over any files you want to save, such as Sentry mode clips or dashcam clips, to a safe location.

Step 2: Partitioning the Drive

Open the Disk Utility on your computer and partition the drive to have separate sections for Boombox sounds and TeslaCam. Create two volumes: one for TeslaCam and another for Boombox, adjusting the sizes accordingly.

Step 3: Converting the Format

After partitioning, convert the partitions to the MS-DOS FAT32 format to ensure compatibility with your Tesla. Once the formatting is complete, drag your saved files back to the TeslaCam folder and add your custom sounds to the Boombox folder.

Step 4: Testing the Sounds

Safely eject the drive from your computer, plug it into your Tesla, and explore the custom sounds in the Boombox feature. From honks to driving sounds, you can personalize the audio experience of your Tesla with your favorite sounds.


Adding custom sounds to your Tesla’s Boombox feature using your existing Sentry drive provides a convenient way to personalize your driving experience. With the steps outlined in this article, you can easily enhance the audio capabilities of your Tesla without the need for additional USB flash drives or complicated setups.

What is the boombox feature in Tesla’s updated UI?

The boombox feature in Tesla’s updated UI allows the car to play fun sounds outside of the pedestrian speaker. It includes pre-loaded fun sounds, and users can also add custom sounds to play from the car.

How can I add custom sounds to the boombox feature?

To add custom sounds to the boombox feature, you can use your existing sentry mode drive. The drive needs to be partitioned to have both boombox sounds and tesla cam on the same hard drive. After partitioning, you can drag and drop your custom sounds into the designated boombox folder on the drive.

What format should the drive be in for the car to read the custom sounds?

The drive should be formatted as ms-dos fat32 for the car to be able to read and use the custom sounds.

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