Tesla Delivery Checklist for Model Y 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to The Purchase Process and Vehicle Inspection

Recently, I acquired my first Tesla Model Y, and I’m absolutely thrilled about it!

Transitioning from a Honda Civic to a Tesla was an incredible upgrade, and I’m still in awe of all its features.

If you’re considering purchasing a Tesla, I wanted to share my experience and provide valuable insights.

The Purchase Process

I ordered the car online and was amazed at the swift delivery. The Tesla app streamlined the paperwork process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

My delivery appointment was scheduled promptly, and I received a detailed email outlining what to anticipate on the big day.

Exterior Inspection

Before diving into the interior features, I advise meticulously inspecting the exterior of the car.

During the inspection, pay close attention to any paint imperfections, wheel conditions, and glass damages. It’s crucial to document any issues for further discussion with the advisor.

Interior Examination

For the interior inspection, check the seats, seatbelts, and overall functionality of the cabin. Ensure that all components are in pristine condition.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the various car controls, such as climate settings, music system, and connectivity features.

Personalization and Future Plans

I opted for the white leather seats and am thrilled with my decision. I plan to integrate additional accessories, such as all-weather floor mats and customized lighting kits, to enhance my driving experience.

Final Thoughts

Acquiring the Tesla was a significant milestone for me, and I’m eagerly looking forward to creating more content to assist and inspire fellow Tesla enthusiasts.

If you resonate with my experience, I’d appreciate your support by subscribing to my channel for more Tesla-related content.

How long did it take from ordering the Tesla to delivery?

It only took five days from placing the order to delivery or pick up of the Tesla.

What are the steps to prepare for the Tesla delivery day?

You need to verify the VIN number, check personal information, bring printed insurance card, and, if trading in a vehicle, bring the registration and title. Tesla also provides a list of things to expect and prepare for on delivery day.

What are the exterior inspection points for the Tesla?

Inspect for chips, scratches, dents, paint imperfections, wheels, tires, misaligned gaps, glass damage, and lights.

What are the interior inspection points for the Tesla?

Inspect seats, seat belts, screen functions, climate control, music system, mirrors, glove box, charging port, trunk, locks, lights, and connectivity.

What additional features and options are available for the Tesla Model Y?

The Tesla Model Y offers various features such as white leather seats, ambient lighting, camp mode, wireless mobile device charging pads, key card entry, Bluetooth connectivity, all-weather floor mats, window tinting, and lighting kits for ambient lighting.

How was the overall experience of purchasing and owning a Tesla?

The experience of purchasing and owning a Tesla was described as exciting and fulfilling, following a long period of consideration and anticipation. The owner plans to create more content around their Tesla experiences in the future.

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