Tesla Model 3 Front Bumper Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide Including Headlight Removal and Vinyl Wrapping Tips

Many people have been asking for a video demonstration on how to disassemble a Tesla, so here it is! In this clip, I’ll show you step-by-step how to disassemble the front bumper and headlights of a Tesla. Let’s get started.

Removing the Front Bumper

To begin, pop the hood and locate the clips holding the bumper. Remove the 10 mil and other bolts as shown in the video. Take your time and make sure to keep track of the removed parts to avoid misplacement.

After removing the bolts, gently pull and twist to release the bumper. Be careful with the clips and bolts to avoid any damage. Once everything is removed, carefully pull the bumper away from the car and place it in a safe location.

Removing the Headlights

To remove the headlights, you’ll need to unscrew the bolts and carefully detach the connectors. Take your time with this step to avoid any damage to the headlights or the car.

Additional Tips for Vinyl Wrappers

If you’re a vinyl wrapper or interested in wrapping your Tesla, I also show how to remove the moldings and side trims. This can make the wrapping process much easier and give you a seamless finish.

Once you’ve finished watching the video, you’ll have a clear understanding of how to disassemble a Tesla. I hope this tutorial has been helpful, and thank you for watching!

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