Tesla Model 3 Headlight Replacement: A Detailed Guide from Removal to Installation

Hey, everyone! This is Luke from Teslux Innovations. Today we’re going to walk you through the process of installing plug-and-play series headlights on your Tesla Model 3. This installation guide includes bumper removal, re-installation, and the tools required for the job. Let’s dive in!

Tools Required

Here are the tools you’ll need for this installation:

  • Gloves (optional but recommended)
  • Light source
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Plastic pry tool
  • Extensions
  • Ratcheting quarter or 3/8 drive
  • 10mm socket
  • Zip tie cutters
  • Plastic tray or Ziploc for organizing bolts and clips

Bumper Removal

Start by removing the top cowl and the plastic piece. Use the flathead screwdriver to remove clips and bolts. Then, remove the plastic panel, cabin air intake, and bolts to access the headlights.

Removing the Headlights

Remove the 10mm bolts, fender liner, and bumper to access the headlights. Once exposed, disconnect the harness and remove the bolts securing the headlights.

Installing the Harness

Use the flush cutters and zip ties to install the harness. Run the harness and zip tie it neatly, ensuring proper placement of the inline fuse for both sides.

Final Steps

Properly align the headlights and install the Tesla harness, ensuring a snug fit but not too tight. Clean up any mess and perform a glass clean and microfiber treatment after the installation for a pristine finish.

With these steps, you’ll have successfully installed plug-and-play headlights on your Tesla Model 3!


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