Solving Toyota Code P0455: Comprehensive Guide on Gas Cap and Canister Purge Valve Methods

If you are encountering a PO455 error code, this guide will provide you with two practical solutions that you can implement at home to resolve the issue. The PO455 error code indicates that the evaporative emission system has detected a gross leak, typically exceeding .04 inches in diameter.

Method A: The Gas Cap

Begin by inspecting the condition of your gas cap. Open the gas tank and check for any signs of dirt or damage on the cap. Use a WD-40 cleaner to spray and clean the gas tank, and ensure to clean the gas cap as well. If the gas cap is dirty beyond cleaning, consider replacing it with the correct model gas cap.

Method B: The Canister Purge Valve

The canister purge valve is often situated behind the intake, near the throttle body. While the engine is running, locate this component and place your finger at the vacuum port to test its functionality. If your finger experiences vacuum suction, it indicates that the canister purge valve is stuck and necessitates replacement. Simply remove the old canister purge valve and install the correct new one.

Following the implementation of these solutions, you can utilize the Zeus app to clear the error code. Tap the rescan button to ensure that the PO455 error code has been successfully addressed.

By following these DIY methods, you can effectively address the PO455 error code without the need for professional assistance. Implement these steps to ensure that your vehicle’s evaporative emission system functions optimally.


What does the error code po455 mean?

The error code po455 indicates that the evaporative emission system has detected a gross leak, which is typically more than .04 inches in diameter.

How can I fix the po455 error code at home?

There are two DIY methods to solve the po455 error code at home. Method A involves checking and cleaning the gas cap, and Method B involves inspecting and replacing the canister purge valve.

What is Method A for fixing the po455 error code?

Method A involves opening up the gas tank, inspecting the condition of the gas cap, and cleaning it using a WD-40 cleaner. If the gas cap is dirty, it can be wiped clean with the cleaner or replaced with the correct model gas cap.

What is Method B for fixing the po455 error code?

Method B involves locating the canister purge valve, checking its functionality while the engine is running, and replacing it if it is stuck. The correct new canister purge valve should be used for replacement.

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