“Fixing a Toyota Corolla Oil Leak: Your Comprehensive Guide”

Today, while checking my Corolla, I noticed an oil leak which turned out to be from the timing chain tensioner. It’s a common issue, but I’ll show you how to fix it easily.

This is what the leak looks like. The timing tensioner has a gasket that seals it, but in my case, it was not sealing properly.

The leak is located on the passenger side, at the back side of the engine, near the top.

First, ensure the car is safely lifted. It’s best to work from underneath, where you can easily access the tensioner.

To remove the tensioner, you need to take off two nuts and then carefully release the tensioner. As you do this, some oil may leak, so be prepared with a catch basin.

After taking off the tensioner, check the gasket’s orientation and ensure it is placed back correctly. You can use Permatex to seal the gasket or get a new one if needed.

Compressing the tensioner can be a bit tricky, but it’s essential to do it correctly. Once compressed, you can re-install it with the sealed gasket.

If you need a new gasket, you can create one using gasket maker paper and the outline of your old gasket, and a machine can assist in cutting it to the appropriate size.

And that’s how you can easily fix the oil leak in your Corolla’s timing chain tensioner. Be sure to take all safety precautions and follow the steps carefully. Happy repairing!

What did the oil leak turn out to be in the Corolla?

The oil leak was found to be from the timing chain tensioner.

Where is the timing chain tensioner located in the engine?

The timing chain tensioner is located on the passenger side, at the back side of the engine, about this far up from the side and about this far to the passenger side from the top of the car.

How should the vehicle be prepared for the repair?

Set the emergency brake, block the rear wheels, and lift the front of the vehicle responsibly. It is recommended to refer to a video on how to jack up a car without causing damage.

What is the process for removing and resealing the timing chain tensioner?

Remove the two nuts, take off the bottom one first, then take the top one. Use a catch basin to collect leaked oil. Ensure the gasket is positioned correctly. Apply Permatex right stuff around the outside to seal it before putting it back in.

What should be done if a new gasket is not available?

If a new gasket is not available, the leak can be remedied by sealing it with Permatex right stuff or a similar gasket maker.

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