Complete Guide: Toyota Highlander Transmission Fluid Change – Steps & Tips

Today, I’m going to change the transmission fluid on my Toyota Highlander. I’ll be demonstrating a regular drain and fill, which is a straightforward process that displaces four quarts of fluid.

Under the car, I removed the front piece of plastic with 10mm bolts and located the fill plug. I realized that my Toyota model fills through the dipstick, so I prepared by obtaining a funnel.

After warming up the transmission, I drained the oil and replaced the drain plug with a new aluminum washer. I emphasized the importance of using the correct amount of transmission fluid and the significance of changing the fluid despite conflicting advice.

I carefully refilled the transmission through the dipstick, ensuring to measure the amount of fluid added to compensate for any potential overfill in the system.

Once refilled, I detailed the steps to work the fluid within the gears and emphasized the need to use the right transmission fluid for the vehicle.

After taking the car for a drive, the transmission shifted smoothly, and I checked for leaks. I encouraged viewers to undertake the task themselves and stressed the importance of using the right tools and supplies for the job.

What type of transmission fluid change is being performed on the Toyota Highlander?

The video demonstrates a regular drain and fill of the transmission fluid, not a full flush.

What tools are needed for the transmission fluid change?

The tools used in the demonstration include a 10 millimeter socket, a drain pan, a one-gallon container, a funnel, a new aluminum washer, and the specific transmission fluid for the vehicle.

How is the transmission fluid level verified?

The transmission fluid level is verified by measuring the amount drained into the pan and then refilling with the appropriate amount, usually four quarts. It is recommended to check the level after the vehicle has been driven and the fluid has settled down, both when cold and hot.

What is the importance of using the right transmission fluid?

Using the correct transmission fluid is crucial, and it is advised not to compromise on its quality. Unlike engine oil, transmission fluid usually lasts for many thousand miles. It is suggested to change the transmission fluid as per the vehicle’s specific maintenance schedule.

What is the recommended frequency for changing transmission fluid on the Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota mechanic suggested changing the transmission fluid at 90,000 miles and then at 150,000 miles, with subsequent changes based on the age and mileage of the vehicle.

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