Unlocking the Secrets: Programming a Second Toyota Key Fob

So, you bought a new Toyota and it only came with one key? Well, that’s because of a microchip shortage, and no, the dealership wasn’t lying to you. They really are shipping them with one key. But there’s a plan in place to get you your second key, and unfortunately, some dealerships are unaware of this.

Toyota knows which VIN numbers were sent with only one key and they will send you a notice when your turn is up. These notices will be coming in waves based on the model of vehicle and when it was built. The notice will go to the information that they received when the car was sold to you, but they will also use registration data and data from the Toyota app to reach out to you.

It’s important to note that the dealerships are not allowed to provide a key to somebody who has not been notified. This is all Toyota policy.

Here’s how they’re notifying customers: the phase one includes owners of specific Japanese-built Vehicles and they will receive their notice sometime in the current month. The second phase includes US-made vehicles and will be sent out in August. The subsequent waves will continue until the second quarter of 2024.

It is advised not to consider getting an aftermarket or gray market key and asking the dealership to program it, as these knockoffs might work but may cost you a fair amount of money for programming, and there’s no guarantee it will work. The genuine second key from Toyota is coming, so it’s best to be patient.

At the dealership level, there’s nothing that can be done about this, and if you want to address your concerns, you can contact Toyota directly.

I hope this provides a better understanding of the situation and sets clear expectations for when your second key will be coming for your new Toyota.

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What should I do if my new Toyota only came with one key?

If your new Toyota only came with one key, it’s likely due to a microchip shortage. Toyota has a plan in place to provide a second key to affected customers. The company will send notices to owners based on VIN numbers and other data sources, such as registration information and the Toyota app. The notices will include information about when the second key will be available. Dealerships are not authorized to provide a key to customers who have not been notified by Toyota.

Can I get an aftermarket or gray market key and have my dealership program it?

It’s not recommended to get an aftermarket or gray market key and ask your dealership to program it. These keys are not genuine Toyota products and may not work properly. Additionally, the dealership may charge for programming, potentially leading to wasted money. It’s advised to wait for the official second key from Toyota.

How will Toyota notify customers about the availability of the second key?

Toyota will send notifications to customers based on a predetermined schedule. The schedule is divided into phases, with different models of vehicles being prioritized at different times. The company will use VIN numbers, registration data, and the Toyota app to reach out to customers. The schedule is subject to change, but affected customers should wait for the official notice from Toyota.

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