Transmission Fault in Ford Escape: Causes, Symptoms, and Repair Solutions

If you own a 2013 Ford Escape with a 1.6 liter turbo engine and you’re experiencing a transmission fault service transmission warning, you’re not alone. In this guide, I’ll share my recent experience with resolving a similar issue and offer some valuable insights that might save you time and money in the process.

After installing a new transmission in my 2013 Ford Escape, I kept receiving a transmission fault service transmission warning, despite the transmission itself functioning perfectly. Upon inspecting the vehicle, I found codes for bypass valves B and C, as well as a coolant temperature sensor. There were no specific transmission codes present.

I discovered that there are four bypass valves in total. Valve A is located near the battery tray, while valve B is situated nearby. Valve C, a commonly replaced part, is easily accessible. Finally, valve D is positioned in a more challenging spot that requires some effort to reach. Valves A and B are related to the transmission, while valves C and D are connected to the engine.

In my case, the issue was caused by improperly connected valves A and B, triggering the transmission warning. I struggled to find comprehensive information about these valves, particularly valves A and B. It’s worth noting that a similar problem might cause your transmission to issue warnings even if it’s functioning properly.

Before jumping to conclusions about needing a new transmission or undergoing extensive repairs, it’s crucial to inspect these bypass valves. This step might save you from unnecessary expenses and headaches, as was the case for me.

If you encounter a similar warning, I recommend checking for codes related to valves A and B, as they can trigger the service transmission warning. Once you identify the specific codes, you can proceed with the necessary repairs or adjustments accordingly.

I hope sharing my experience can assist others facing a similar issue. If you find this information helpful, please share this video with others who might benefit from it. Thank you for watching.

What was the issue with the 2013 Ford Escape’s transmission?

The transmission was showing a ‘transmission fault’ warning despite shifting perfectly. The issue turned out to be related to bypass valves A and B, which were not properly connected, causing the warning.

Where are the bypass valves located?

There are four bypass valves in total. Valves A and B are tied to the transmission, with A located near the battery tray and B located in a specific area. Valves C and D are connected to the engine. Valve C is often known for causing issues.

How can the bypass valves affect the transmission?

Improperly connected bypass valves A and B can trigger a ‘service transmission’ warning despite the transmission functioning correctly. Checking the codes for valves A and B can help diagnose this issue before assuming a transmission problem.

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