Troubleshooting ‘Transmission Not in Park’ Issue in Ford Vehicles

Today, I want to address the issue of a stubborn parking light that refuses to activate and triggers a non-critical transmission warning. I’m going to show you how I troubleshoot and fix this problem.

Upon inspecting the light, I discovered that the activation mechanism and gears were not functioning correctly. After removing the side and upper trim, I pinpointed the culprit to be a small switch.

When the switch is supposed to be pressed down upon pulling the handle, it takes some time to fully activate. To resolve this, I used two flathead screwdrivers to adjust the switch mechanism.

With the adjustments made, I tested the parking light to ensure it was responding as expected. The modified switch now instantly activated the light upon pressing, proving the success of the fix.

Reassembly involved placing back the trims and ensuring all the clips were securely fastened. I used a trim removal tool to facilitate this process. Once everything was aligned, the parking light was back in working order.

After repeating the fix on the other side, the parking light was fully functional, with no more transmission warnings. I hope this guide helps you in handling similar parking light issues. Thank you for watching!

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