Where to Add Transmission Fluid in a Ford F150: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’ve just done a transmission swap on a Ford Expedition with the 6R80, you might be wondering what kind of fluid to put back in it and the tool to use for the task. Cody has got you covered. Read on to find out more.

Cody starts by explaining that Ford recommends the Mercon LV Stanlow viscosity for the 6R80 transmission. However, he suggests using Valvoline Max Life, a multi-vehicle fluid that is recommended for use in place of the Mercon LV.

Additionally, Cody recommends having an extraction pump for putting the fluid in and pulling it back out if you overfill it. This tool can be purchased at auto parts stores for less than 15 bucks.

To proceed with the fluid replacement, Cody shows the viewers where to insert the tube for the transmission fluid using an old transmission as a visual aid. He emphasizes the importance of checking the fluid level when the vehicle is at operating temperatures and ensuring it falls within the specified range on the dipstick.

After filling the transmission with four quarts of fluid, starting the vehicle, and checking the fluid level, Cody concludes the demonstration by encouraging viewers to subscribe for more helpful tips.

What kind of fluid does the 6r80 ford expedition with the 6r80 transmission use?

The 6r80 transmission in the Ford Expedition recommends using the Mercon LV Stanford low viscosity fluid. However, an alternative that can be used is the Valvoline Max Life multi-vehicle fluid, which is recommended for use in Ford Mercon LV transmissions.

What tool is recommended for putting the fluid into the 6r80 transmission?

To put the fluid into the 6r80 transmission, an extraction pump is recommended. This tool can also be used to pull the fluid out if the transmission is overfilled. The extraction pump can be purchased at stores like Autozone for less than 15 dollars.

Where is the fluid inserted in the 6r80 transmission?

To insert fluid into the 6r80 transmission, one needs to remove the cap using a three-quarter inch wrench or a 19-millimeter wrench. The fluid tube is inserted at the opening underneath the cap. When checking the fluid level, it should be between the crosshairs on the dipstick when the vehicle is at operating temperatures.

What is the recommended process for filling the 6r80 transmission with fluid?

When changing the fluid and filter or putting in a used transmission, it is recommended to start by filling the 6r80 transmission with four quarts of fluid. Then, the vehicle should be started and the fluid level checked, adjusting as necessary to ensure it is between the crosshairs on the dipstick at operating temperatures.

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