2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Starter Location: Uncovering and Replacing the Hidden Key Component

Are you experiencing an intermittent start problem with your vehicle? Sam Owens shares his expertise on how to identify and solve this issue.

For years, Sam has been troubleshooting an intermittent start issue in his vehicle, and after trying various solutions, he finally found the root cause of the problem.

He demonstrates the symptoms of the issue and guides viewers through the process of identifying the faulty component causing the problem.

Finding the Culprit

Sam explains that after ruling out other potential causes, he discovered that the starter was the culprit behind the intermittent start problem. He walks viewers through the steps to determine if the starter is the issue and provides a clear demonstration of the testing process.

Replacing the Starter

Once the faulty starter is identified, Sam explains the process of replacing it. He provides valuable tips and detailed instructions to ensure a smooth replacement process.

Removing the Drive Shaft

During the tutorial, Sam also shares the necessary steps for removing the drive shaft, an essential part of accessing and replacing the starter. He emphasizes the importance of following proper procedures to avoid accidents and ensure a successful replacement.

Handling Obstacles

Throughout the video, Sam encounters various challenges and demonstrates effective solutions, providing viewers with valuable insights into overcoming obstacles during the starter replacement process.


By the end of the video, viewers will have gained a comprehensive understanding of how to identify and resolve an intermittent start problem in their vehicle, along with valuable tips for a successful starter replacement.

Remember, it’s important to approach vehicle repairs with caution and follow all safety guidelines to prevent accidents and injuries.

What was the intermittent start problem and the solutions mentioned?

The intermittent start problem involved hearing a click when turning the key, followed by multiple clicks before the car would start. The solutions included changing the start relay, addressing corrosion on the wire that energizes the starter solenoid, and ensuring a good connection to the starter solenoid.

What is the final solution when facing a ‘click and nothing else’ issue?

The final solution is to check the starter, as a ‘click and nothing else’ issue indicates a problem with the starter or starter solenoid.

What steps are involved in changing the starter?

The steps to change the starter include disconnecting the battery terminal, removing the starter bolts, disconnecting the drive shaft, removing the front skid plate, and carefully maneuvering the starter out for replacement.

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