2006 Honda Pilot Cabin Air Filter: A Detailed Replacement and Maintenance Guide

Today, we will be installing a premium guard cabin air filter in a 2006 Honda Pilot. An eight millimeter socket wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver are required to complete this install.

Open the glove box and locate the two plastic clips that hold the glove box in place. You will need to close the glove box slightly and press inward from the outside of the glove box on these clips to remove them. Close the glove box.

Next, you’ll need to pry off the plastic panel inside the passenger side door. Then, remove the plastic screw securing the second plastic panel and remove this panel as well.

Locate the two bolts securing the glovebox hinges and using an eight millimeter socket, remove the two bolts to remove the glove box.

Next, locate the screw and bolt on either side of the glove box opening and using an eight millimeter socket and a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the bolts and screws. Pull out on the plastic paneling and pull down on the metal rod to remove it.

Release the air filter cover by pulling outward from the bottom of the cover and remove the old air filter. Ensure the airflow indicators on the new filter are pointing from right to left. Slide in the new filter and replace the plastic cover by pressing inward.

Reinstall the metal bar by pulling outward on the plastic paneling and sliding the bar into place. Using your Phillips head screwdriver and eight millimeter socket wrench, reinstall the bolts and screws securing the metal bar.

Next, set the glove box hinges below the bracket and close the glove box. Reinstall the bolts that secure the glovebox hinges. Reinstall the plastic clips that restrain the glovebox from swinging open by closing the glovebox slightly and pressing the clips into place.

Place the plastic paneling in place and press inward with the plastic screw to install it. Press inward on the second piece of paneling to reinstall it. And with that, we conclude this install.



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