Unlock the Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide on Tesla VIN Decode

It’s been a long wait since February 20th, 2022, for my Tesla Model Y Long Range Seven-Seater with white exterior, black interior, and 19-inch wheels. The wait for the seven-seater model has been lengthy, but I finally have some exciting updates to share!

My estimated delivery date was initially set for November 4th to November 18th, but recent developments have brought about some unexpected changes. Upon checking my app, the update showed a new delivery window from November 6th to November 13th. This led me to dive into the source code, and to my surprise, I found my VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) confirming that my vehicle is in production and in transit.

I also made inquiries with Tesla about the mobile charging kit and the possibility of receiving the new door trim in the updated model Y. While there were some uncertainties regarding the charging kit, I was excited to discover if my vehicle would feature the new door trim. Additionally, I reached out to the community for any valuable checklists and suggestions for my upcoming Tesla Model Y delivery.

Despite some inconveniences with the charging kit, I’m incredibly thrilled about the impending delivery of my Tesla. With the revised delivery window, I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of my car between November 6th and 13th. It has been a long nine-month journey, but soon I’ll be able to showcase the updated features of the 2023 Tesla Model Y.

For fellow Tesla enthusiasts awaiting their deliveries, I encourage you to share your experiences, updates, and any helpful insights for the Tesla community. It’s always great to connect and support each other through this journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and discussions!

What were the updates about?

The updates were about the delivery date and the status of the ordered Model Y long range seven-seater with white exterior, black interior, and 19-inch Wheels.

How did the individual check for the VIN number?

The individual checked for the VIN number by inspecting the source code on the Tesla website by following specific steps: go into your my account, manage your vehicle order, right-click around the white spacer on the vehicle, select page source, and then search for the VIN number.

What did the individual find when checking for the VIN number?

The VIN number was found, indicating that the vehicle had left production and was in transit.

What details were discussed with Tesla regarding the delivery of the vehicle?

The individual discussed the mobile charging kit and the new door trim in the Model Y. They were informed that the mobile charging kit would not be included, but a promo code would be given, and the new door trim was expected as part of the vehicle’s update.

What are the individual’s plans for the vehicle accessories?

The individual has already acquired mats and plans to do a video about them. They also mentioned considering pain protection film or wrapping for the vehicle.

What were the observations about the availability of Tesla vehicles in the region?

The individual noticed a high number of abandoned Tesla Model Y long range and performance vehicles in the region, particularly five-seaters. The rarity of seven-seaters was also mentioned.

What were the considerations for choosing a different vehicle from the new inventory?

The individual was informed that if there were other available vehicles in the new inventory, they could potentially consider changing the order by paying the paint difference for color choices like blue or red. However, the specific model with seven seats was rare in availability.

What was the estimated delivery window for the individual’s vehicle?

The individual’s estimated delivery window was November 6th to 13th, and they anticipated receiving a call from the Tesla advisor to schedule the delivery time within the next three to four days.

What did the individual express excitement about?

The individual expressed excitement about the forthcoming delivery of their Tesla Model Y and the possibility of showcasing the updated features in a video for their audience.

What requests did the individual make to the audience?

The individual requested the audience to share their own updates, estimated delivery times, vehicle orders, and any related suggestions or checklists. They also encouraged likes, subscriptions, and sharing of the video for others interested in Tesla.

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