Understanding the 61-1 Honda Code: Causes, Solutions, and Prevention Tips

Today we’re working on a 2015 Honda Odyssey minivan. We’re performing a software update to address a 81-1 and a 61-1 code in the ABS module modulator control unit circuit malfunction and the modulator controlling power source circuit low voltage. These codes are related to the Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) for Honda, which is sensitive to low voltage.

We’ll be using a power supply and the Autel VCMi along with a computer to perform the software update. After the update, we’ll also need to do a VSA sensor neutral position relearn using a scan tool.

We have the van in and have hooked up the power supply to maintain battery voltage. We have the J2534 pass through connected, the laptop ready, and have downloaded the necessary software from Honda’s website, albeit with some internet connectivity challenges.

After navigating through the required software downloads and selecting the IHDS, we proceed with the software update process. It’s imperative to have the battery power supply on to maintain voltage as we initiate the update.

During the update process, we monitor the progression in increments and ensure the continuity of the process without any interruptions. Subsequently, we perform the VSA sensor neutral position memorization using the Autel scan tool as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Once the software update and relearn are successfully completed, we confirm the effectiveness of the process and conclude the maintenance for the 2015 Honda Odyssey.

What software update is being performed on the 2015 Honda Odyssey?

The software update is for the 2015 Honda Odyssey’s ABS module modulator control unit circuit, addressing the 811 and 611 error codes related to the ABS modulator controlling a power source circuit low voltage.

What equipment is being used for the software update?

The Autel VCMi, a laptop, and a power supply are being used for the software update, along with the J2534 pass-through device for communication with the vehicle.

What post-update procedures are required for the 2015 Honda Odyssey?

After the software update, a VSA sensor neutral position relearn is required using a scan tool to ensure proper functionality.

Where can I find more information on troubleshooting procedures and programming for the 2015 Honda Odyssey?

Keith Perkins at l1training.com offers valuable resources and information on troubleshooting procedures, programming keys, and immobilizer issues for vehicles like the 2015 Honda Odyssey.

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