Fixing a Broken Honda Key: Comprehensive Guide on Replacement and Considerations

Have you encountered a situation where your Honda key is no longer usable because the plastic body has broken? If so, fret not! You can easily replace the shell of your Honda key to make it functional again. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of replacing the key shell for your Honda, so you can have a proper working key without spending a fortune.

Firstly, it’s important to note that the key part is typically mounted in a plastic body, and once that plastic breaks, the key becomes unusable. Although you may attempt to use glue as a temporary fix, the ideal solution is to get a new shell and transfer the internal components over.

Getting a New Shell

You can easily find a new key shell for your Honda on websites like eBay for around ten or eleven dollars. It’s essential to ensure that the new shell is cut to fit your specific key, which you can typically get done at a locksmith. While some hardware stores may offer key cutting services as a last resort, it’s often more cost-effective to find a locksmith who specializes in cutting sidewinder keys.

Swapping the Guts

Once you have the new shell, the next step is to swap the internal components from your old key to the new shell. This typically involves transferring the keyless entry and immobilizer chip. While the process may vary slightly depending on the specific key model, the general steps involve opening up the old and new shells, transferring the components, and reassembling the new key.

Finalizing the Replacement

After transferring the keyless entry and immobilizer chip to the new shell, ensure that they are securely placed. If the new shell lacks clips for the keyless entry, you can securely position it to prevent any rattling. Once everything is in place, reassemble the new key shell and test its functionality.

Additional Considerations

If your new key shell requires reprogramming, it’s advisable to address this to ensure the key functions seamlessly with your Honda. While the specifics of reprogramming may vary, it’s a worthwhile step to make the most of your new key shell.


With the right approach and minimal investment, you can breathe new life into your Honda key by replacing the broken shell. This cost-effective solution ensures that you have a fully functional key without the need for an entirely new key fob. If you found this guide helpful, be sure to share it with others who may benefit from it!

What happened to the key for the Honda?

The key for the Honda became unusable as the plastic body that holds the key part broke.

How did you fix the unusable key?

The proper fix was to get a new shell and swap the guts over. The new shell was purchased from eBay for about ten or eleven dollars.

How do you get the new key shell cut?

You can find a locksmith who can cut a sidewinder key for a reasonable price, or go to a hardware store as a last resort, although it may be more expensive.

What parts do you need to swap over to the new shell?

You need to swap over the keyless entry and the immobilizer chip to the new shell.

Is the fixed key usable now?

Yes, the fixed key is now perfectly usable and can work with the ignition switch and the immobilizer.

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