Honda Accord Starter: Essential Guide for Replacement and Troubleshooting

If you are familiar with rebuilding a Mitsuba SM 749 starter, the OE number kit 41901, this article is just for you. This kit is designed to fit the 13 to 17 Accord 2.4 and the 156 CRV with a 2.4. The starter measures a little over 8 inches long and has specific components that need attention during the rebuilding process.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you rebuild the Mitsuba SM 749 starter:

  1. Disassembling the Starter: Start by removing the 5/16 Bolt BTS.
  2. Inspecting Components: Ensure smooth movement and minimal wobbling of the shaft and Bendix. Clean all parts with mineral spirits or spray cleaner to remove old grease and debris.
  3. Applying Lubrication: Use Marvel Mystery Oil and regular motor oil to lubricate various components and ensure smooth movement.
  4. Replacing Components: Check the brush holder, stem, and other parts for compatibility with the kit. Replace any defective component with the appropriate part.
  5. Reassembling the Starter: Reassemble the starter ensuring proper placement and tightening of all components. Use white lithium grease as needed for lubrication.
  6. Testing the Rebuilt Starter: Once reassembled, test the starter to ensure it operates smoothly and achieves the necessary RPM.

Following this step-by-step guide can help you successfully rebuild a Mitsuba SM 749 starter and ensure its optimal performance.

What is the OE number for the Mitsuba SM 749 kit?

The OE number for the Mitsuba SM 749 kit is 41901, and it fits the 13 to 17 Accord 2.4 and the 156 CRV with a 2.4.

What are the specifications of the kit?

The kit measures front to back a little over 8 inches long. It features a lateral adapter and a plug that is square with two ears that are approximately the same width and approximately 180 apart. The harness hard is on the left facing the back.

What are the important steps in the rebuilding process?

Important steps in the rebuilding process include checking the movement of components, cleaning with mineral spirits or spray cleaner, cleaning of parts with degreaser, applying Marvel Mystery Oil and regular motor oil, coating with white lithium grease, checking for proper assembly of brush holder and star washer, and conducting a test run.

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