Understanding the Hyundai C1260 Code: Causes, Diagnosis, and Fixes

After decades in the business, I want to check the GPS and ABS in this car. Let’s go.

This issue, most of the code is related to the EPS, Electronic Power Steering.

We take this screw out so that today I can remove this whole panel. There’s a screw here also which has been taken out already. Then there’s two more screws on top.

Then they do give out so they can get speech, then they take this circuit out. This is the fuse box, so you get the fuse out of the way, then you can get access to the motive.

You take the boot out, so now to take the 14 boot out, you take effect or not. They’re taking the 14 out, then you come out here and release this tension so that the steering can’t be moved forward.

So first, I advise you to take out this cover. Now I have assessed we have access to the EPS, then you take out one, two, three, the third one.

So I’m just assuming to see if the flexible coupling is faulty before I assign the ball joint or the steering rack. If you don’t take it, you think it’s from the ball joint, so first you have to check it first before you can solve the issue. This is a damaged flexible coupling, so replace the damaged type.

Now in fact 1914, and now everything is said. You plug in all the circuits, but if it is a 2013 model from 2010 to 2013 model 30, 15, 2014, Discover. Anything else, the rescues.

Now you got the flexible coupling calibrated, so the first code will go off. Turn the ignition on for 15 seconds. Now it’s 15 seconds, so you turn on the ignition lights, then you click okay. Check if the good story is still active. Now it is a history code, so you clear the court. Now there is no fault code in the system.

Now I’ll start this vehicle, and the traction lights also.

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