Honda Monkey Exhaust: Unveiling The Performance, Upgrade Options, and Maintenance Tips

A lot of you have been following my journey with my trusty Honda 125cc Monkey Bike. It’s been a great ride, but one thing that has been bothering me for a while is its quietness. Today, I am excited to share with you my recent upgrade to make the bike better for off-road purposes and improve its overall performance.

After much consideration, I decided to invest in a new exhaust system, and after researching different options, I came across the matte black Scorpion Red Power exhaust. This aftermarket exhaust, priced at approximately £480 brand new, promised to give my bike the sound and performance boost I was looking for. Fortunately, I found a used one in great condition on Facebook Marketplace for £350. After a smooth transaction and shipping process, I was ready to install and test it out.

The installation process was straightforward, and the exhaust came with all the necessary components and clear instructions. Once fitted, I was impressed with the sleek look it added to the bike. The moment of truth arrived as I started the bike, and to my delight, the new exhaust delivered a satisfyingly deeper and louder sound without being obtrusive. Whether cruising at moderate speeds or revving it up, the exhaust emitted a pleasant note that added to the overall riding experience.

During a test ride, the exhaust performed admirably, providing a noticeable but not overwhelming sound under acceleration and a subdued tone during regular cruising. The well-balanced sound profile of the exhaust made it a worthwhile addition to my bike, enhancing its overall appeal without being disruptive to others.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the upgrade, and the Scorpion Red Power exhaust has lived up to its promises, delivering an enhanced auditory experience without being overly loud. It has truly elevated my riding enjoyment, making me appreciate my Monkey Bike even more.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I’ll catch you in the next update!

What modifications have been made to the Honda 125cc Monkey Bike?

The speaker has been modifying the Honda 125cc Monkey Bike to make it better for off-road and general use. Modifications include installing a Scorpion Red Power exhaust system to make the bike louder and improve its overall performance.

Why was the Scorpion Red Power exhaust chosen over other options?

The speaker mentioned that other popular options, like the Yoshimura exhaust, seemed too loud for their preference. They found the Scorpion Red Power exhaust for about £480, and it was chosen for its sound profile and availability at a reasonable price.

How was the installation process of the Scorpion Red Power exhaust?

The speaker mentioned the installation process of the Scorpion Red Power exhaust, including specifics on fitting the header pipe, link pipe, exhaust hanger mount, and the overall sound and performance after the installation.

What are the speaker’s impressions of the Scorpion Red Power exhaust after testing?

The speaker provided their experience with the Scorpion Red Power exhaust, including insights on its noise level and overall performance during different riding conditions. They highlighted that the exhaust achieved the desired sound profile without being excessively loud.

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