Honda Monkey Mods: Exploring Air Intake, Exhaust, and Tail Light Customization for Enhanced Performance

Are you a proud owner of a Honda Monkey? If so, you know that making some modifications to this little powerhouse can greatly enhance your riding experience. In this article, we’re going to dive into the five best mods for your Honda Monkey, as demonstrated by Justin’s impressive build.

1. Air Intake System

Justin kicked things off by swapping out the OEM intake and installing a K&N air filter with a new air intake system and sensor. This simple upgrade ensured that his engine was getting enough air for optimal performance, addressing previous issues of feeling choked.

2. Exhaust System

For an enhanced sound and improved engine breathing, Justin opted for a budget-friendly exhaust system. While it wasn’t a premium brand, it still delivered the desired results, and Justin even customized it to prevent any rattling.

3. Lighting and Tail Section

Justin’s build also featured a tail light delete and a stylish license plate frame. He installed XK Glow lights, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, he sourced a custom seat and side panels, adding a personal touch to the bike’s appearance.

4. Weight Reduction

In a quest for improved performance, Justin removed unnecessary components, such as fenders and brackets, shedding approximately 40 pounds in total. This weight reduction not only boosted the bike’s agility but also contributed to a sleeker look.

5. Customization and Installation

Justin’s project involved some custom work, including trimming parts and creating brackets, demonstrating that with a bit of resourcefulness, impressive upgrades can be achieved. Overall, the installation process was relatively straightforward, with some minor challenges along the way.

So, whether you’re considering enhancing the performance, style, or both, these five mods can take your Honda Monkey to the next level. Let your creativity and preferences guide you as you customize your ride, and remember that even budget-friendly upgrades can make a significant difference.

Now, sit back, start your engine, and enjoy the unique sound of your personalized Honda Monkey!

What mods should I do to my Honda Monkey?

The five best mods for your Honda Monkey are swapping out the OEM intake for a K&N air filter with a new air intake system and sensor, installing a custom exhaust, adding a custom seat and side panel, and reducing weight by removing unnecessary parts.

Where can I get the intake and exhaust parts for my Honda Monkey?

The intake parts can be obtained from a company called mnmtx specializing in small bore and big bore bikes. The exhaust can be purchased from online retailers like Amazon.

How did you customize the exhaust and where did you source the parts?

The customized exhaust came with a brace, and a custom-made bracket was used to prevent it from rattling. The custom bracket was made by modifying a mounting bracket purchased online. The exhaust itself was sourced from an online retailer.

Where did you find the custom seat for the Honda Monkey?

The custom seat was found through a dealer on eBay who sourced it from a manufacturer in Thailand specializing in custom monkey parts.

How did you reduce the weight of the Honda Monkey?

To reduce weight, unnecessary parts were removed, such as fenders and brackets around the tires. The overall weight reduction amounted to approximately 40 pounds.

How long did the installation process take?

The installation process was relatively simple, with the custom work mainly focused on trimming and modifying certain parts. The overall installation time varied, but it was not overly complex.

Where did you source the custom parts for the Honda Monkey?

The custom parts, including the seat and side panel, were sourced from a dealer on eBay and a manufacturer in Thailand specializing in custom monkey parts.

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