How to Charge a Tesla at a Supercharger: Comprehensive Guide for Best Practices and Etiquette

Charging your Tesla at home or work is convenient for daily charging, but when it comes to long road trips, the Tesla Supercharger network can provide much faster charging. With over 25,000 chargers worldwide, the Supercharger network offers unparalleled freedom for Tesla owners to travel and charge efficiently, especially for those without home charging options.

Finding a Supercharger

Tesla makes it easy to locate the nearest Supercharger as it is built into the car’s navigation system and the Tesla app on your phone. Even if you know where the Supercharger is, it’s beneficial to use your Tesla’s navigation system as it pre-conditions the battery for faster charging.

Best Practices at the Supercharger

When parking at a Supercharger, it’s recommended to use a stall that is not directly next to another car to avoid potential charging speed reduction, especially on older version 2 Superchargers. Additionally, it’s essential to avoid parking in pull-forward charging stalls unless it’s the only option available.

Plugging in at the Supercharger is a simple process, and once connected, your Tesla’s touchscreen and phone app provide an estimate of the charging time required. It’s important to note that charging to 100% is not necessary for most road trips and may significantly extend the charging duration, especially as the battery approaches full capacity.

Maximizing Your Time at the Supercharger

While your car is charging, you can make use of the nearby amenities like local businesses and restaurants. Alternatively, you can take advantage of Tesla’s built-in entertainment features such as playing games or watching movies and TV shows.

Etiquette and Considerations

Once the charging is complete, it’s courteous to promptly move your car to free up the spot for other Tesla owners. Additionally, avoiding leaving garbage at the charging station and maintaining overall cleanliness is essential for a respectful charging experience.

Concluding the Supercharging Process

Finally, when your charging is finished, remember to unplug the charger, stow it away properly, and be mindful of any incurred charges, which will be displayed on the screen and charged to your Tesla account if applicable.

Overall, utilizing the Tesla Supercharger network is a seamless and efficient process that empowers Tesla owners to enjoy long-distance travel with minimal charging downtime.

How can I find a Tesla supercharger?

The nearest supercharger is already built into your navigation system in your car and it’s in your Tesla app on your phone. Even if you already know where the supercharger is, it’s recommended to have your Tesla navigate to it to start pre-conditioning the battery for faster charging.

What are the best practices at a Tesla supercharger?

When arriving at a supercharger, use a stall that is not directly next to another car to avoid affecting the charging speed. Avoid parking weirdly or occupying pull forward charging stalls unless necessary. Once parked, use the backup camera for guidance.

How do I start charging at a Tesla supercharger?

Press the button on top of the charger to open your charge door, plug in the charger, and wait for the charging indicator to start flashing green. If the indicator shows any other color, check the messages on your touch screen for instructions.

What should I do while my car is charging at a supercharger?

If you need to pass the time, you can patronize local businesses, use the built-in entertainment features in your Tesla, play games, watch movies or TV shows. When the car is almost done charging, head back to it to unplug and avoid idle charges.

What should I do after charging at a Tesla supercharger?

After the car has charged up to the set limit, move it to free up the spot for others. Avoid leaving the handle laying around, and make sure to put it back in the charger. Any charges incurred will be displayed and charged to your Tesla account.

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