Honda Radio Codes List: Unlocking Your Sound System Safely

Have you ever faced the situation when your car radio gets locked after a no-start situation or when your battery goes dead?

It can be frustrating, right? In this post, we are going to share some tips and tricks on how to unlock your car radio when it displays that dreaded radio code.

Join Tyler and Justin, one of the lead techs at Fisher Honda in Boulder, as they help you understand the process of unlocking your car radio and getting it back to work.

Justin starts off by pointing out that the radio code can be found in a few different places. Firstly, it can be located inside a card which resembles a credit card, indicating the anti-theft system, the radio code, and the radio serial number. Alternatively, you can also find it inside the packets labeled as “Honda Service History” where the audio code will be mentioned.

However, in case you cannot find the code in these places, Justin demonstrates how to retrieve it from the radio itself. He explains that by shutting off the radio, holding the preset buttons one and six, and then turning it on, you can obtain the serial number which can then be used to retrieve the radio code.

Once the serial number is obtained, you can call your local Honda dealer or Fisher Honda and provide them with the code. They will then help you retrieve the radio code and guide you with entering it into your radio.

Justin further explains that entering the radio code is as simple as using the preset numbers and once it’s done, your radio will be good to go.

It’s evident that having the components as mentioned in the owner’s manual and the packet can make the process easy. However, local Honda dealers or Fisher Honda are always ready to assist you in case you encounter any issues with unlocking your car radio.

In their next segment, Tyler and Justin plan to discuss the importance of engine oil changes, showing their commitment to helping car owners with essential car maintenance tips.

Stay tuned for more insightful content from Fisher Honda. Take care and drive safe!

What is the radio code on the Honda radio screen?

The radio code is a security feature that shows up on the radio screen in a no start situation or when the car’s battery goes dead. It locks the radio and needs to be unlocked before the radio can be used again.

Where can I find the radio code for my Honda radio?

The radio code can be found in several places. Look for a card that resembles a credit card inside the car, or check inside your packet where the Honda service history is located. If those are not available, the radio code can be retrieved from the radio by following specific steps.

How can I retrieve the radio code from the Honda radio?

To retrieve the radio code from the Honda radio, you can shut the radio off, hold the preset buttons one and six, and then turn it on. This will display a serial number that should be written down. The serial number can then be provided to a local Honda dealer or the dealership for assistance in obtaining the radio code.

What is the process for entering the radio code into the Honda radio?

When entering the radio code into the Honda radio, you will use the preset numbers to input the five-digit code. Once the code is entered, the radio will turn on and be ready for use.

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