How to Activate Trailer Lights on a Jeep Grand Cherokee: Step-by-Step Guide, Tools, and Testing Tips

Welcome back to the channel! Today’s video will walk you through the process of fixing and setting up the trailer lights for a Jeep. This step-by-step guide is tailored for WK2 models from 2011 to 2017 and aims to help you save money by avoiding dealership expenses. With a simple wiring kit and basic tools, you can complete this DIY project in under 30 minutes.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Wiring kit (available for under $25)
  • Screwdrivers or panel trim removal tools
  • Rope or twine for feeding the wires
  • Drill or impact driver
  • Drill bit and grounding screw

Step-by-Step Instructions

The video demonstrates the process of removing the tail lights, connecting the wiring kit, and routing the wires underneath the bumper. It explains how to test the functionality of the lights and provides tips on securing the wires to prevent damage.

The demonstration covers both the left and right sides of the vehicle, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the installation process. From identifying the connectors to securing the wiring, the tutorial offers clear and concise instructions that empower viewers to tackle the project with confidence.

Testing the Lights

The video includes a segment where the completed setup is tested to ensure proper functionality. The presenter walks through the testing process and provides visual cues to validate the successful installation of the trailer lights.

Wrapping Up

By the end of the video, viewers gain the necessary knowledge and confidence to undertake the installation of trailer lights for their Jeep. The presenter also offers advice on additional measures, such as using wire looms for protection and strategic placement of zip ties.

Overall, the tutorial presents a cost-effective DIY solution for setting up trailer lights, promoting self-sufficiency and saving on professional installation costs. The engaging and informative presentation style makes it accessible for both DIY enthusiasts and beginners.

What tools and items do I need to set up the trailer lights for a Jeep?

You will need a wiring kit, flat-headed screwdrivers or panel trim removal tools, a drill or impact driver, a little drill bit, and a grounding screw and wire. Additionally, you will need rope or twine to feed the wires up and down the body of the car.

How do I pull out the tail lights to access the wires?

You need to take out the plastic clips holding the tail lights using screwdrivers or trim tools. Then, you can access the wires by pulling out the tail lights.

How do I connect the wires for the trailer lights?

You need to connect the wires from the wiring harness to the tail lights and feed the wires to the other side of the car, using rope or twine. Additionally, the grounding wire needs to be attached to the body of the car using a drill.

How can I test if the trailer lights are functioning?

You can test the trailer lights by using a connector that tests the tail light, left turn signal, and right turn signal. Once connected, you can test the lights by activating the corresponding signals and tail lights.

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