How to Check Your Tesla’s Hardware Version: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a Tesla owner wondering how to quickly differentiate between Hardware 4 and Hardware 3 in your vehicle? In this video, I’ll demonstrate the easiest way to make the distinction. Let’s dive in.

This Model Y is equipped with Hardware 4. If we take a close look at the camera, you’ll notice a subtle red tinge. This distinct feature is the most obvious indicator of Hardware 4 in your vehicle.

Now, let’s compare it to a Hardware 3 Model Y. Looking at the fender camera of Hardware 3, you won’t find the red tinge on the camera. Additionally, observe the blinker light on the fender. In Hardware 3 vehicles, the blinker light extends further compared to Hardware 4.

Returning to the Hardware 4 setup, the blinker light is visibly shorter than the Hardware 3 counterpart on the fender camera. This quick overview provides an easy way for you to determine whether your Tesla vehicle is outfitted with Hardware 4 or Hardware 3.

Hopefully, this video has been informative in helping you discern the hardware in your Tesla vehicle. If you found this content helpful, feel free to consider subscribing to the channel for more insightful updates. Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one!

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