Changing Your Toyota Venza Key Fob Battery: A Comprehensive Guide

In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn how to open up your Toyota Venza key fob to replace the internal battery at home. The process is straightforward and requires just one CR2032 battery.

If you need to purchase a CR2032 battery, a link is provided in the description for your convenience.

To open the key fob, start by holding down the switch on the bottom and pulling out the internal key. Then, use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry open the device. Once open, remove the inner component containing the old battery.

Using the screwdriver, carefully pry out the old battery from its slot. Insert the new battery, ensuring the positive side faces up, and click it into place. Reassemble the device, ensuring that the battery sits in its designated space.

Once reassembled, your key fob is ready to use.

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What do I need to open up my Toyota Venza key fob to replace the internal battery at home?

You will just need a CR2032 battery to get it done.

Where can I get the CR2032 battery?

You can get one on Amazon for just a couple of bucks. A link is provided in the video description.

What is the process to open up the key fob and replace the internal battery?

1. Hold down the switch on the bottom and pull out the internal key. 2. Use a flathead screwdriver to crack the device open. 3. Empty out the inner component that houses the battery. 4. Use a small tool to pry the battery out. 5. Insert the new battery with the positive side facing up. 6. Put the device back together and insert the key.

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