How to Check Tire Pressure on a Honda Civic: Understanding Indicators, Refilling Tires and Over-Inflation Alerts

Properly maintaining tire pressure is essential for enhancing tire life and ensuring optimal handling performance. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) with tire fill assist makes this task super easy and convenient. It displays the actual air pressure for each tire on the instrument panel and alerts you if the pressure becomes significantly low.

Here’s how to effectively use the tire pressure monitoring system with tire fill assist to keep your tires properly inflated:

Monitor Tire Pressure Indicators

When the TPMS indicator comes on, it means that the tire pressure has become significantly low. The display will show which tire is affected. When this happens, it’s important to stop the vehicle in a safe place and adjust the air pressure to the specified level.

Refill Tires with Power Mode On

When refilling the tire with the vehicle’s power mode on, the tire fill assist feature provides audible and visual assistance. As the tire is being refilled while low on air, a beeper will sound and exterior lights will flash once every five seconds. This serves as a helpful indication that the appropriate air pressure is being reached.

Over Inflation Alert

If a tire becomes overinflated while being refilled, the system will trigger a beeping sound and the lights will flash twice every three seconds. In such a case, it’s important to release some pressure until the system indicates that the proper level has been reached.

By following these simple steps and utilizing the tire pressure monitoring system with tire fill assist, you can easily maintain the optimal air pressure in your tires, ultimately enhancing their lifespan and improving overall vehicle performance.

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