How to Enable Elon Mode in Your Tesla: A Step-by-Step Guide

Recently, federal regulators have been inquiring about a feature on Tesla vehicles called “Elon Mode.” This feature, also known as a cheat code, allows drivers to disable a warning system that prompts them to put their hands on the wheel when using the autopilot function for an extended period. Laura, reporting from San Francisco, provides insights into this controversial feature.

Laura explains that the “Elon Mode” is not its official name but rather a nickname for a server-side configuration that bypasses the autopilot nag, a system that reminds drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention to the road. By using this mode, drivers can evade these alerts, which raises concerns about the safety of using Tesla‚Äôs autopilot feature.

She further mentions that regulators are seeking information regarding the distribution of this “cheat code” to drivers. There are questions about how widely it was accessed and whether it was limited to a select few or more widely available to Tesla owners. The regulators are also concerned with how Tesla presents its self-driving features, as there appears to be a discrepancy between the marketing claims and the actual requirement for drivers to remain vigilant and keep their hands on the wheel at all times.

Phil, another commentator, suggests that Tesla could face sanctions if it is found that the company enabled multiple drivers to use this “Elon Mode.” He emphasizes that such cheat codes are frowned upon by regulators and could lead to serious repercussions for the company. The extent of its usage and accessibility will likely impact the response of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) regarding this matter.

Laura shares that the exact number of users who have utilized this cheat code is currently unknown, as Tesla has kept the information confidential. The regulators have requested comprehensive details not only about the “Elon Mode” but also any configurations that allow drivers to bypass the autopilot system. This broad inquiry indicates the seriousness with which regulators are approaching the issue.

What is the so-called Elon mode mentioned in the video?

The so-called Elon mode is a server-side configuration that effectively bypasses the Autopilot nag, which is a warning system that pops up on Tesla cars if the driver takes their hands off the wheel for an extended period while in Autopilot mode.

How do drivers get access to the cheat code known as Elon mode?

The process for drivers to access the cheat code, known as Elon mode, and how many drivers were given access to it are currently being investigated by federal regulators. Tesla would have to set it and allow select drivers to access it.

Could Tesla be sanctioned for allowing the use of Elon mode?

Yes, Tesla could be sanctioned if it is determined that they have allowed the use of the Elon mode that effectively bypasses the Autopilot nag. Cheat codes are frowned upon by regulators, and it remains to be seen what action NHTSA will take based on the investigation findings.

How widely used are these cheat codes?

The exact number of drivers given access to the cheat code, Elon mode, is currently unknown. Tesla sought confidential treatment for the response to NHTSA about this. The regulators’ special order to Tesla was written broadly, not specifying Elon mode only, but anything that allows drivers to bypass the Autopilot.

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