Hyundai Sonata Remote Start Install: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking to install a remote start in your 2017 Hyundai Sonata (compatible with 2015-2017 models), My Key Premium offers a convenient solution. The product from My Key Premium is available in regular and 3G kits, with the latter allowing smartphone compatibility. What sets this product apart is its easy and quick installation process without the need to cut any wires or use additional key fobs.

The kit includes a module along with wires, and the installation process begins with attaching a panel under the glove compartment. The connectors from the car are then disconnected and connected to the module, ensuring a secure fit with an audible click. The power connector is attached, and specific settings for the module are checked before hiding it behind the panel. Once everything is in place, a simple double-click on the lock button activates the car, and additional functions like automatic unlocking upon approach and easy shutdown make the remote start system extremely convenient and user-friendly.

This reliable and straightforward installation of the My Key Premium remote start adds a great deal of convenience to your vehicle, making it an excellent upgrade for anyone looking to enjoy the benefits of remote start without the hassle of complicated installation and setup.

What model is the MyKey Premium Remote Start compatible with?

The MyKey Premium Remote Start is compatible with the 2015 through 2017 models of the Hyundai Sonata.

What are the key features of the MyKey Premium Remote Start?

The MyKey Premium Remote Start is easy, simple, and quick to install. It does not require cutting any wires and does not need any additional key fobs.

How do you install the MyKey Premium Remote Start?

The installation process involves attaching the panel under the glove compartment, connecting the module to the car’s modules, ensuring the setup of the module is correct for the specific model, and testing the operation of the remote start.

What are some additional functions of the MyKey Premium Remote Start?

In addition to remote starting the car, the MyKey Premium Remote Start system allows the car to automatically unlock as the user approaches, and it also enables the car to turn off and lock the doors when the user walks away.

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