Unlocking the Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide to Tesla Key Fob Features

The long-awaited Model 3 key fob has finally been released, fulfilling the desires of many Model 3 owners. But is it truly worth the investment?

Tesla took a unique approach with the Model 3 by introducing a phone key for unlocking the car. This phone key setup automatically locks and unlocks the car as the owner approaches or moves away from it, providing a seamless and convenient experience.

However, the widespread use of various phones with different operating systems has led to connectivity issues for many users. Even with different phone models, owners have reported spotty connectivity, highlighting the limitations of relying solely on a phone key.

To address these challenges, Tesla introduced the Model 3 key fob in November 2018, which quickly sold out. While the key fob offers the basic functions of unlocking and locking the car with a single or double click, it lacks support for passive entry, unlike the phone key.

Although the key fob provides a tangible option for those who prefer a physical key, the absence of passive entry support and the $150 cost raises questions about its practicality and value.

It has been speculated that the key fob’s current limitations may be due to the lack of support for the passive entry and exit feature, essential for seamless vehicle access and security. This feature, as seen in the Model S and Model X, adds an extra layer of security by requiring a pin code entry for driving the vehicle, preventing unauthorized access and theft.

While there is hope for potential updates to the key fob, including support for passive entry and exit, its current limitations may outweigh its usefulness for many owners.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in the Tesla Model 3 key fob relies on individual preferences and priorities. As Tesla continues to evolve its technology, future enhancements may enhance the value and functionality of the key fob, making it a more compelling option for owners.

If you are a Model 3 owner, have you considered purchasing the key fob? Are you currently using it, and what has your experience been like? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

What is the Model 3 key fob?

The Model 3 key fob is a physical key fob designed for use with Tesla Model 3 vehicles. It provides an alternative to the phone key and key card for unlocking, locking, and driving the vehicle.

How does the Model 3 phone key work?

The Model 3 phone key allows users to use their smartphones as keys to unlock and lock their vehicles automatically when approaching or walking away. It eliminates the need for traditional keys or buttons to operate the vehicle.

What are the limitations of the Model 3 phone key?

Some users have experienced connectivity issues and spotty performance with the Model 3 phone key, particularly when using different phone models with varying operating systems. These challenges have led to the demand for a physical key fob option.

What are the functionalities of the Model 3 key fob?

The Model 3 key fob offers simple functions: double-click to unlock the car and single-click to lock it. However, it does not support passive entry, requiring manual clicks for access, which may make it less convenient than the phone key.

Is the Model 3 key fob worth it?

The Model 3 key fob may not be worth it for some users due to its limitations and lack of passive entry support. While it offers a physical alternative to the phone key, its current functionality and price point may make it less desirable for users. Future updates from Tesla could improve its value.

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