How to Jack Up a Tesla: Step-by-Step Safety Procedures & Useful Tips

Hey guys, I’m the Maha Mechanic and today I’m going to be showing you how to properly raise up your Tesla Model Y, so let’s get into it!

The first step in how to properly raise your car is to buy Tesla pucks. These pucks go into the little holes in the bottom of the battery, and they allow you to jack up or lift up the car without damaging the battery. There’s a very slim area that these go into, making it hard to do it without these. I’ll be including a link to these in the description.

Now, you will be using a lift for this demonstration, but if you don’t have a lift, you can always use just a regular old jack with the Tesla pucks. You want to start out by finding the hole and putting the Tesla puck in, then repeat this for every single hole.

Once you have your Tesla pucks in, you’ll want to move your arms off your lift or position your jack underneath the Tesla pucks. Make sure it is in the middle, and then start raising it up. If you have a lift, ensure that the teeth lock the arm from moving, adding another layer of security.

Now, if you have a lift, you’ll want to lower it back onto its resting points, and there you go – your Tesla Model Y is in the air!

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