Understanding Tesla Model 3 Rim Replacement Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

If you own a Tesla, here’s a quick tip for you. Did you know that you can change the wheels configured for your vehicle? It’s quite simple and can be done through the service menu.

Under the “wheel configuration” option, you can select the specific wheels you have on your Tesla. However, it’s worth noting that you need to change all four wheels at the same time, which may be a limitation for some users.

After confirming the wheel configuration change, the car undergoes a quick reset, and the newly configured wheels are reflected on the car’s display screen.

An interesting point to consider is that the wheel configuration change does not seem to reflect the actual range estimate on the screen. For instance, installing aero covers can increase the range by about three percent, yet this change is not represented in the displayed range estimate.

Similarly, switching to larger wheels, such as the 20-inch Uber Turbine, does not seem to affect the EPA range estimate displayed on the screen, despite the expectation of a decrease in range with larger wheels.

As a driver, it would be beneficial to have the range estimate reflect the actual impact of different wheel configurations, providing more accurate information for planning journeys.

While it may not be a crucial issue for all drivers, having the range estimate align with the chosen wheel configuration would be a valuable feature for Tesla owners. It would offer a better understanding of the expected range based on their specific wheel setup.

Despite the current limitation of needing to change all four wheels simultaneously, the ability to alter the wheel configuration at any time provides a level of customization that can be convenient for drivers to adjust according to their preferences.

So, if you’re a Tesla owner, consider experimenting with the wheel configuration and observing any changes in your vehicle’s performance. It might provide a deeper insight into how different wheel setups can affect your driving experience.

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How can I change the configured wheels on my Tesla?

To change the configured wheels on your Tesla, you can go into the service menu and select ‘wheel configuration.’ However, it’s important to note that you have to change all four wheels at the same time.

Does changing the wheel configuration affect the car’s range estimate?

Changing the wheel configuration does not seem to affect the car’s range estimate displayed on the screen. Even if different wheels, such as 20 inch wheels, are selected, the range estimate remains the same as before.

What is the impact of using different wheel types on the car’s range?

Despite the known impact of different wheels on the car’s range, the displayed range estimate does not change when the wheel configuration is altered. This can be inconvenient as it does not reflect the actual range impact of using different wheels.

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