How to Jump Start a Toyota Prius: Checking Battery Status, Jump Starting and Battery Replacement Guide

If you’re having trouble starting your Prius, and you notice that no lights come on the dashboard or they are very dim, or maybe you hear a little humming but the engine won’t start, the culprit is likely a dead 12-volt battery. Here’s how you can troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

1. Check the Battery Status

To confirm that the 12-volt battery is the problem, pop the hood by pulling the hood release lever. Inside the fuse box on the driver’s side of the engine, you can hook up a jumper cable.

2. Jump Start the Battery

Open the flip cover in the fuse box and attach the red (positive) cable to the designated terminal. Then, find a good ground on the left side of the engine block to attach the black (negative) cable. You can also connect it to a car battery and start the other car’s engine to provide the Prius with additional power. Let it run for five minutes and then attempt to start the Prius.

3. Replace the Battery

If your Prius’s battery frequently goes dead, it’s advisable to replace it. The battery is located on the passenger side in the back under the floorboard, making it easily accessible. Additionally, you can connect directly to it to jump-start or charge the battery if needed.

It’s important to note that these batteries are known for appearing functional despite being dead, so replacing it as soon as possible is recommended. The good news is that the replacement process is straightforward, and you can easily access the battery, albeit with an estimated cost of around $300.

What should I do if my Prius won’t start?

If your Prius won’t start and there are no lights on the dashboard or just a few dim lights, it likely means that the 12-volt battery is dead. You can verify this by checking if the lights are really dim. To jump-start the Prius, locate the hood release lever, pop the hood, and connect a jumper cable to the fuse box inside the engine on the driver’s side. You can also connect the negative terminal to a good ground on the left side of the engine block. Start the engine of another car and let it run for five minutes to provide the Prius with extra power. After this, you can start the Prius and it should be back in operation.

How can I replace the 12-volt battery in a Prius?

The 12-volt battery in a Prius is notorious for going dead. It is recommended to replace it if it dies on a regular basis. The battery is easy to access, located on the passenger side at the back under the floorboard. It can be easily replaced at an estimated cost of around $300.

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